The 17th International Cereal and Bread Congress (ICBC) will explore the latest innovations and trends in cereal science and technology, with a focus on promoting healthy cereal-based diets from sustainable food systems. Topics of interest include plant breeding, food quality and safety analysis, and the use of new raw materials and ingredients in cereal product development.

Please find below a list of topics for which we welcome abstracts:

 The following topics will frame ICBC24:

  • Agricultural policy, global supply chain and trade of cereals
  • Sustainable agriculture and food chain systems
  • Grain breeding and climate change
  • Alternative grain crops to face global challenges
  • Cereal nutrition for health-conscious consumers
  • Wholegrains, their definition and utilisation in foods
  • Conventional cereal processing technologies: milling, bread making, biscuits, pasta
  • Non-conventional and emerging cereal technologies
  • Analytical methods for quality determination and grain characterization
  • Food safety
  • Consumer perception of grain-based foods
  • Cereal future, innovation in teaching and learning, innovation and management